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    Are you a conservative? Are you tired of Facebook deciding what content you can see or post? Are you tired of unexplained suspensions of privileges? There is an answer. The Independent Minute uses no algorithms or liberal censors.  You can post what
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She could not believe her eyes and no one else can either! This mother snapped a quick photo of her happy son in the store and did not realize what she captured until she returned home. The internet is going wild over it! Watch below: You never know w
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A forest ranger was marking trees for the first time in 30 years but on he stumbled across quite the odd sight. He found a spooky cabin hidden in the woods and that’s when he discovered the creepy mystery inside. Environmental Services director in Arcat
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As reported by FreedomDaily It’s been less than 24 hours since it was revealed that an outspoken key witness in the Las Vegas massacre was found dead under exceptionally mysterious conditions. Now, we’re learning that she wasn’t alone. There are two more
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Little Rock, Arkansas, police fatally shot 17-year-old Charles Smith Jr. on Sunday — but officers said they had no choice in shooting Smith after he reportedly pulled a gun on officers. In an attempt to dispel rumors surrounding the shooting, law enforcem
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Among all the horrible photos and videos that were captured during the shooting in Las Vegas, U.S. Army soldier Matthew Cobos was seen shielding an innocent women from the gunfire. As Stephen Paddock, 64, rained bullets down on the innocent country music f
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Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have finally been exposed by an FBI informant who has solid evidence indicating criminal behavior. America is now well aware of the criminal allegations brought forth against Obama and his administration regarding the
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When the weather starts to get cold, gone are the days where you can just hop into your vehicle and take off. Many mornings, you have to warm up your vehicle and let the defroster run so that you are able to see out of your windows. This can take time, esp
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This is a post that a collection of the pages have been sharing, after reading about it you can read how YOU can help: Facebook is censoring our page because they disagree with our political speech and because we are among the most pro-Trump fan page on t
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President Donald Trump advanced a theory Thursday that a surveillance warrant was obtained against him using information gleamed from the salacious dossier compiled by opposition research firm Fusion GPS. Disproven and paid for by Democrats “Dossier use
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