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The Language President Trump Used In A Private Meeting Doesn’t Offend Me…But Here’s What DOES Offend Me

Here’s an epic response to all the things that liberal Americans find ‘offensive’ regarding President Trump.


Lately everything that President Trump says or does is considered offensive and racist by the Democratic Party, but you know what? Democrats aren’t the only ones who are offended by current events in America. The brilliant editor of recently compiled a list of things that are truly offensive, far more offensive than a description of a destitute country including the phrase sh*thole.


I keep hearing that people are offended by the language that President Trump allegedly used when referring to Haiti and various African countries during a private meeting in the White House.

Well, you know what?


I’m offended every time a professional athlete takes a knee during our national anthem.

I’m offended by men and women who’ve made a career out of being corrupt politicians.

I’m offended by women who walk around in vagina hats and costumes.

President Trump

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And lastly, I’m offended that President Obama’s Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Obama’s US envoy to Haiti, former President Bill Clinton, squandered the enormous responsibility they were given to help the Haitians with billions of dollars that were funneled through the corrupt Clinton Foundation after their country was devastated by a massive earthquake in 2010. I’m offended that after individuals, and businesses around the world, dug deep into their pockets to help the suffering Haitians, and that the Clinton’s left their country looking like a “shithole”.

Real world problems are what is truly important, not what politically correct statements are offensive despite being completely accurate.

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