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With President Donald Trump in power, we all know that he is trying to crack down on illegal immigrants. And while illegal immigrants can be from any number of countries including those in Europe and even Canada, his sights are set on those coming across t
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Major General Soleimani is a senior military leader for the Iranian Quds Force who is personally responsible for continued conflict in the Middle East and the deaths of thousands of Iranian and Israeli citizens. As such, Soleimani is public enemy number on
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In a shocking turn of events, the city of Oakland has awarded nearly a million dollars to a former streetwalker named Jasmine Abuslin. The 19-year-old was at the center of a sex scandal that has rocked the city’s police force. More than two dozen officers
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Kaley Cuoco has grown-up in front of millions of people. The bubbly 30-year-old is part of the successful TV comedy show the Big Bang Theory. Although, she has a long television career starring in other past hit shows like Charmed and 8 Simple Rules.  Desp
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Media outlets once again jump the gun with false accusations against President Trump, this time Senator Tom Cotton sets the record straight. America mainstream media reports blew up yesterday after it was alleged that President Trump referred to certain c
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A Muslim server in Ocala, Florida, says that he was fired from his job at a Denny's restaurant for refusing to remove his head covering. He has now filed a discrimination complaint and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is investigating his
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She could not believe her eyes and no one else can either! This mother snapped a quick photo of her happy son in the store and did not realize what she captured until she returned home. The internet is going wild over it! Watch below: You never know w
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